Wide Toe Box Shoes in 2023 High Fashion

December 22, 2023
Wide Toe Boxes in High Fashion

Wide toe boxes…they aren’t just for barefoot shoes anymore!

One of the biggest hang ups people have for trying barefoot shoes is the fashion element. We have it so engrained in us that fashion means narrow, pointed toe shoes, so when I spotted Taylor Swift wearing wide toe box Stella McCartney boots on a night out in New York City, I wondered if that was a sign that things were changing! I kept a look out for other celebrities sporting wide toe box shoes or any fashion brands featuring them in their designs…and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find more.

I know these brands are likely doing it more to be different than to be healthy, but because society seems to be so stuck in the mindset that narrow toe=fashion and wide toe=frumpy, any representation from fashion brands with a wide toe box is helpful! People shouldn’t be stuck to one shoe shape, especially if it’s wreaking havoc on feet. 

These are not “barefoot shoes” because they still have thick or heeled soles, but they do have a foot-shaped toe box which is awesome to see. And since these are from high end fashion labels, most of them are at least a thousand dollars, so they’re not really within the mainstream. But usually the high fashion styles start to trickle down at some point. And whether it’s a fashion label trying to be avant-garde or it’s because they recognize the health benefits of a wider, naturally shaped toe box, either one is a win. 

You can watch this in video form on my Instagram @thebarefootshoeguide.

Taylor Swift wearing Stella McCartney Ryder boots

Taylor Swift wearing wide toe box boots by Stella McCartney

Loewe Petal-shaped Toe

A lot of the shoes in the Spanish fashion label Loewe’s 2023 collection featured what they call a petal-shaped toe, which looks muck closer to a natural foot shape.

Loewe flats with wide toe box

Timothee Chalamet with wide toe box Chelsea boots

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