Barefoot Shoes Near Me: Brick-and-Mortar Stores that Sell Barefoot Shoes

December 4, 2023
Vivobarefoot Shoe Store Display

Buying barefoot shoes is still largely an online affair. But as the niche grows, more barefoot shoes are being sold in store. Check this list of barefoot shoes stores to see if there is are any options near you!

Upon learning about barefoot shoes, you were probably excited to buy your first pair! But you likely quickly realized that it meant navigating how to buy barefoot shoes online. How you had the challenge of finding the perfect without trying on a single pair.  

With so many considerations – including foot length, width, volume, shape – layered with your own personal history and preferences and compounded by the size variations between brands and styles, picking a pair of barefoot shoes online can feel like a complete gamble. (But on that note, you’re going to want to get an accurate foot measurement before you start shopping.)

It can take some trial and error, which is why I try to make the reviews here on the Barefoot Shoe Guide as detailed as possible when it comes to fit and sizing. Using these guides, my hope is that it feels more like making an educated decision versus a complete shot in the dark.  

But, all the advice I can offer still can’t replace the experience of trying a pair of barefoot shoes on in person. Two people with extremely similar feet could still opt for different sizes among the same brand or go for different styles simply based on the personal preference of how they like their shoes to fit.  

Though the landscape of barefoot shoe retail remains primarily online, there are a handful of brick-and-mortar stores that sell barefoot shoes. If you’ve ever typed in “Barefoot Shoe Stores Near Me” on Google, it unfortunately didn’t drop a bunch of pins on the map for an easy day of barefoot shoe shopping.

But while there aren’t many, there are some. Here’s a comprehensive list of stores that sell barefoot shoes where you can try them on in-person. 

Brick-and-Mortar Barefoot Shoe Stores 

I’ve noted the names of the barefoot shoes stores along with links to their websites. I’ve also included whether they are a third party retailer that sells many different brands (which may include non-barefoot shoes too), or a brand store/showroom.


Foot Rx | Asheville, NC | Retailer 

Lems | Sold in a number of different retailers. Use the “Find it Locally” feature on each Lems product page to find a retailer near you 

Pie Footwear | Portland, OR | Retailer 

REI | Outdoor retailer located throughout the US | Sells Xero Shoes, Altras and Vivobarefoot 

Sierra | Discount Retailer located throughout the US | Vivobarefoot and Be Lenka boots have been found both online and in-store. Sierra is owned by the same parent company as other discount retailers TJMaxx and Marshalls.

SoftStar Shoes | Philomath, OR | Brand Show Room 

Two River Treads | Ranson, WV | Retailer 

Wildling Shoes | San Francisco, CA | Temporary Brand Pop-up

Xero Shoes | Denver, CO | Brand Show Room 


Cool East Market | Toronto, ON | Retailer 

Distance Runwear | Vancouver, BC | Retailer

Sole Freedom (The Foot Collective) | Ottawa, ON | Retailer


Vivobarefoot Concept Store | London


Barefoot Point | Hungary | Retailer

Barefoot in Berlin | Berlin, Germany |Retailer selling Vivobrefoot, Groundies, Be Lenka and Shamma Sandals

Barefoot Austria | Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Austria | Appointment only. Warehouse store where you can try on a variety of brand. Located about an hour outside of Vienna.

BeLenka Barefoot Store Plan Be | Bratislava and Žilina, Slovakia | Brand Store

Bohempia | Prague, Czechia | Brand Showroom

NaBOSo | Prague, Brno, Zlín and Beroune, Czechia

Natural Movement | Finland

Mugavik | Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia | Brands including Be Lenka, Peerko, Mukishoes, Groundies and more

VIBE Store in OC Central | Bratislava, Sovakia | Sells Shapen Shoes

SHAPEN Store | Bratislava, Slovakia

Schuhe wie Barfuss | Vienna, Austrat

Vivobarefoot Concept Stories and Retailers | There are a large number of Vivobarefoot concept stores and third party retailers located throughout Europe. For a complete list, see the Vivobarefoot website.

Wildling | Berlin, Cologne and Engelskirchen, Germany | Brand Showroom or Warehouse store

Have you visited a barefoot shoe store? Tell us about your experience in the comments! And if you know of any barefoot shoe shops not included on this list, please share!

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