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Barefoot Shoes Discounts and Coupon Codes

October 30, 2022
Barefoot shoe coupon codes and discounts

Most barefoot and minimalist shoes are fairly expensive, and the costs really start to add up if you’re trying to replace all your shoes. I’ve gathered all my barefoot shoe coupon and discount codes so you can easily access them in one place so you can get the best deal on your barefoot shoes. These are evergreen codes, which means they don’t expire.

I’ve also included a section of the best current barefoot shoe sales below. I update this regularly, so it’s a great place to check to see what barefoot shoe sales are going on right now.

Current Barefoot Shoe Sales

Several barefoot shoe companies have some big sales as we jump into summer. Here’s a round-up of the best ones.

Amazon Prime Day | July 16 – 17 | I’ll list any barefoot shoe sales here!

Shapen | UP to 20% off on newer sandal styles, Up to 30% off on boots. Stacks with code BFSHOEGUIDE5 for extra 5% off

Softstar Shoes | July 16 – 18| 15% off select styles

Mukishoes | UP to 20% off. Code KELLYMUKI stacks for extra discount.

BeLenka & Barebarics | Up to 40% off

Groundies | 40% off selected barefoot shoes in their summer sale

Maro Socks | 25% off with code 25OFF through Thursday, July 18

Wildling | 30% off Second Choice Wildlings (contain small but visible flaws) in the Wildling International Shop (Not available in US Shop)

Mugavik Barefoot | EU Retailer with up to 70% off through July 31. Use code SUMMER20 for extra 20% off all discounted shoes.

Lang.S/Tikki Shoes | Summer Sale with up to 30% off

For holiday periods or the end of the season when most barefoot shoe brands have a sale, I’ve created separate posts as the lists can get pretty long. I update these often during each season as sales go live. Even if the sales aren’t live yet, you can get a good idea of what brands were on sale last year and the kind of discounts they offer.

I am an affiliate for some of these brands, so I make a small commission when you make a purchase through my link or use my coupon code, at no additional cost to you. I love sharing about barefoot shoes, and this income helps me continue reviewing shoes. Thank you for your support!

Barefoot Shoe Coupon Codes (that don’t expire!)





Ahinsa Jaya vegan barefoot winter boots


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Bahe Wide Toe Box Running Shoes


BAREFOOTGUIDE for 10% off   Shop Now
Barebarics Zoom Minimalist Shoes


KELLY5 for 5% off   Shop Now
Barefoot Pals shoes

Barefoot Pals

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
BeLenka Barefoot Slip ons


KELLY5 for 5% off   Shop Now
Bearfoot Oso Slip-on barefoot shoes like HEYDUDES

Bearfoot Shoes

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Birchbury mens barefoot sneakers


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Bohempia minimalist sneakers for wide feet


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Deliberate Life Designs Custom Barefoot Sandals

Deliberate Life Designs

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Earth Runners Barefoot Running and Hiking sandals


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
FeelBarefoot Barefoot Business Casual Shoes

FeelBarefoot Etsy Shop

KELLY50 for 50% off (see final price in cart)   Shop Now
Foot Buddy Kid's Barefoot Shoes

Foot Buddy

KELLY15 for 15% off   Shop Now
Freet Barefoot Hiking Shoes

Freet Barefoot

nmb-10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Groundz Minimalist Grounding Loafers


KELLY5 for 5% off   Shop Now
Barefoot Shoes Coupon Code for Icarus Footwear


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Lex Kids Barefoot Shoes

Lex Barefoot Shoes

KELLY for $5 off   Shop Now
Lisbeth Joe Yellow Barefoot Sandals

Lisbeth Joe

KELLY for 5% off   Shop Now
Luna Sandals Barefoot running sandals

Luna Sandals

Discount included in link   Shop Now
Magical Shoes barefoot running shoes

Magical Shoes

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Barefoot Shoes Coupon Code for Minnemals


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Mukishoes barefoot kids shoes


KELLYMUKI for 10% off   Shop Now
Origo minimalist shoes


KELLY for 10% off    
PaperKrane Kids Barefoot Boots at PedTerra

PedTerra (US-based Barefoot Shoe Retailer)

KELLY for 10% off   Shop Now
Reima kids barefoot sneakers

Reima Kids

BAREFOOT20 for 20% off   Shop Now
Ruby Barefoot Shoes, Clogs like Birkenstocks

Ruby Barefoot

KELLY35 for 35% off   Shop Now
Affordable barefoot shoes by Saguaro

Saguaro Shoes

KELLY15 for 15% off   Shop Now
Shapen Barefoot Shoes and Sandals


BFSHOEGUIDE for 5% off   Shop Now
Shamma Sandals barefoot hiking sandals

Shamma Sandals

BAREFOOTSHOEGUIDE for 10% off   Shop Now
Splay Athletics Barefoot Kids and Adults Shoes

Splay Athletics

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Toetem barefoot sandals made in USA

Toetem Sandals

KELLY5 for 5% off   Shop Now
Tolos Barefoot Shoes


KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Unshoes barefoot hiking sandals


nomanbefore10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Vivobarefoot Geo Court, Casual Barefoot Sneakers


KELLY20 for 20% off (thru March 31)   Shop Now
upcycled soles of ZuZu Sandals

Zuzu Sandals

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Knitido+ Toe Socks

Knitido+ Toe Socks

KELLY20 for 20% off   Shop Now
Muffik Sensory Play Mat

Barefoot Kids – Muffik Sensory Floor Mat

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now
Naboso Insoles and Toe Spacers

Naboso (Insoles, Toe Spacers, etc)

KELLY10 for 10% off   Shop Now

Retailers that sell Barefoot Shoes

Zappos – offers free shipping and returns. Barefoot shoe inventory varies, but I’ve seen Vivobarefoot, Bobux, and Merrell Bare Steps.

PedTerra – PedTerra is an online retailer exclusively selling barefoot shoes that offers free shipping and free returns in the US. This online shop is also listed above with code KELLY for 10% off your first purchase. PedTerra carries a wide array of brands, many of them from European countries that typically have higher shipping costs and limited returns for those buying in the US. PedTerra makes it access to these amazing European barefoot shoe brands so much easier for customers in the US. They carry barefoot shoes from companies including BeLenka, Bisgaard, Froddo, and PaperKrane.

Mugavik Barefoot – Online retailer that offers worldwide shipping and 14 day returns. Based in Estonia, including two stores. Very large selection of barefoot shoe brands. Use code KELLY5 for 5% off.

REI – sells Altras, Merrell Trail Gloves, Xero Shoes, Topo Athletic, Vivboarefoot and Bedrock Sandals. As an REI member, you typically earn up to 10% back on full price purchases. REI also offers a few great sales during the year. For example, during the spring members sale and the summer anniversary sale, you get 20% off a full-priced item.

Backcountry – Sign up for their mailing list and get 15% off your first order. Sells Lems, Altra, and Topo Athletic.

Just a few other tips on getting discounts for barefoot shoes and accessories!

A lot of barefoot shoe brands will also sell socks and other accessories, and sometimes it’s better than buying directly. For example, Luna Sandals sells toe spacers from Correct Toes, so you can use this link to get 10% off.

Barebarics Zoom | Beginner Minimalist Shoes

Other Barefoot Shoe Brands

These brands listed below don’t offer discount codes, but I’m including them here to have a more complete list of barefoot shoe brands. Some of them are affiliate links, so if you’d like to support my blog and these barefoot shoe reviews, feel free to use one of the links below when you’re making on online purchase. Thank you!

– This is a great brand for those starting a transition to barefoot and minimalist shoes as they are zero-drop and have a wide toe box, but still offer plenty of cushion. Altras come in three different foot shapes — I recommend sticking to the Original FootShape fit or the Standard FootShape with the wide option if you’re looking for a natural foot-shape. Altra makes running, trail running, walking and hiking shoes.

Etsy –This is a great place to look for handmade barefoot and minimalist shoes. When searching Etsy, the best search terms are usually barefoot shoes, wide toe box, etc. Look for shoes that are thin, flat and flexible with a wide, naturally shaped toe box. Here are a few Etsy Shops to check out:  

Feelgrounds – casual barefoot shoes, boots and sandals with clean, simple styling.

Injinji Toe Socks – Large range of toe socks, including hiking and trail socks, no-shows, etc.

Lems Shoes – hiking and casual minimalist shoes. Great for those starting their transition into barefoot shoes.

MerrellBareSteps Line for toddlers and kids and Vapor Glove and Trail Glove line for adults

PedTerra – This is a US online retailer for barefoot shoes. I included PedTerra in my list with coupon codes above (you can use KELLY you can use for 10% off your first purchase), but included it here as well to list some of the most popular barefoot shoe brands available on their website:

Posh Panda – Handmade moccasins and Birkenstock-style sandals.

Softstar Shoes – handmade leather shoes for kids and adults. Shoes include soft-sole or vibram sole moccasins for kids, and leather shoes, sandals and hiking boots for adults.

Ten Little Shoes – toddler and kids shoes.

Whitin – This Amazon Brand makes affordable shoes that are zero-drop with a wide toe box. Some of the styles have a bit of a toe spring or are cushion in the inner sole, which can be removed. Overall, these are a very affordable barefoot shoe and great for those starting their transition.

Wildling – Shop on the US Wildling website or the International Wildling website. Use code AWN_ BAREFOOTSHOEGUIDE for free shipping code for first time customers.

Robeez – soft-soled baby shoes

Skinners – Skinners are more durable socks than shoes, but they are a great super minimal option.

Xero Shoes – popular barefoot shoe brand with full range of shoes, especially focused on athletic or hiking shoes and sandals.

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