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Best toe socks for barefoot shoes
Shoe Accessories

Best Toe Socks for Barefoot Shoes

Find the best toe socks to wear with your barefoot shoes, including no-show socks for casual wear, toe socks for hiking and running, and thicker toe socks for boots. If you’ve switched out your regular, restrictive footwear to barefoot shoes, the next obvious question…

April 17, 2024
How to make barefoot winter boots warmer
Shoe Accessories

How to Make Barefoot Boots Warmer for Winter 

Keeping your feet warm during the winter starts with investing in a quality barefoot boot, but these tips go a long way in keeping your toes extra toasty! Here’s how to make barefoot boots warmer.  Barefoot boots aren’t necessarily known for their warmth as there’s…

January 4, 2024
How to waterproof barefoot boots for winter
Shoe Accessories

How to Waterproof Barefoot Boots for Winter

Learn how to properly waterproof barefoot boots for winter so your feet stay dry and your boots last longer. Barefoot shoes are all about keeping your feet comfortable…and part of that is keeping them warm and dry in the winter. Snow, rain, slush and…

October 26, 2023
Insoles for barefoot shoes: cork insoles, wool insoles, felt insoles
Shoe Accessories

Insoles for Barefoot Shoes: Cork, Wool, and Felt Insoles

When you hear the term insole, your mind might first jump to something like custom-made orthotics or Dr. Scholl’s insoles that tout their cushy, cloud-like feel, contoured arch and extra padding in the heel. Since we’re here to talk about minimalist and barefoot shoes…

September 23, 2022