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Ohne Project Review: Vegan Barefoot Sneakers with an ’80s Vibe

March 27, 2024
Ohne Project barefoot sneakers

Check out this Ohne Project barefoot sneakers review for everything you need to know about these cool vegan sneakers with an 80s vibe.

Ohne Project is one of the newest barefoot shoe brands that I’ve been looking forward to for a while. They’re designed by Manel and Hanna, vegan food bloggers that learned about and fell in love with the barefoot lifestyle. When they didn’t find any sneakers they totally loved, they decided to create their own. Conveniently, they both had backgrounds that were very useful to starting a barefoot shoe company–Manel previously studied footwear design and Hanna worked in textile engineering.

The first sneaker from Ohne is called Project 080. Yes, it’s another white sneaker, but its definitely not boring. I love the 80s vibe, and appreciate that they come with two insoles so you can adjust the cushion/volume.

On their recent shoe drop, they also added more colorful accents that have a slight Nike Dunks feel and an all black option. I’m definitely eyeing the light blue.

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These sneakers are made with fully vegan materials. The uppers are corn leather and the inner lining is a mix of bamboo and recycled polyester.


Ohne Sneakers are currently priced at $176. You can get 10% off with the code KELLY10.

As the company is very new and still working to assess demand, they have been offering small-preorders where they shoes will be delivered in about one to two months. They currently have a preorder opening at the end of March, and shoes will be delivered in May 2024.

Sole of the Ohne Project barefoot sneakers

Fit and sizing

Sizing runs from EU 36 to EU46.

Width: Ohne Project barefoot shoes are best for narrow to medium width. Per the size chart, the width starts at 8.9cm for the EU36, and goes up to 10.6cm for the EU46. I have medium width feet (‘B’ width), and they’re just wide enough in my size at slightly over 9cm. The shoes are unisex, so there is no men’s or women’s sizing that have a difference in width.

Volume: With the different insoles, they can accommodate low to higher volume. I have a higher instep, and I’m most comfortable without any of the insoles.

Size: I have an EU37, which feels a tiny bit short for my 23.3cm feet. I typically look for shoes with an insole of 24.5cm (1.2cm longer than my foot measurement). I measured the insole, and it seems to run a little bit shorter than the size chart. It may have to do with how the feet sit in the shoe. There’s always a lot of different pieces to fit, but if I were to order again, I’d go with an EU38 which is my usual size.

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