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5 Barefoot Shoe Alternatives to Nike Dunks

March 11, 2024
Barefoot Shoe Alternatives to Nike Dunks or Air Force 1s

Want the Nike Dunks style, but not the tapered toe box and inflexible sole that comes with them? Here are five barefoot shoes like Nike Dunks.

The Nike Dunks are one of if not THE most popular sneakers in the world right now. Lots of brands have come up with their own take, from luxury labels like Prada and Givenchy to athletic shoe companies, like New Balance and Puma.

Wearing barefoot shoes can sometimes feel like you’re left out of the trends, but several barefoot shoe brands have created their own designs inspired by the 1980s classics. 

Barefoot shoes like Nike Dunks

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If you’re looking for barefoot alternatives to Nike Dunks (or Air Force 1s), check out this list below.

All of these barefoot shoes feature a wide, anatomically shaped toe box and a flat and flexible sole.

Barefoot Shoes like Nike Dunks

Barebarics Wave

Leather Uppers | Prices start at $169 | Code KELLY5 for 5% off

Barebarics Wave barefoot sneakers as a trade for Nike Dunks

Barebarics has a few high contrast sneakers that look reminiscent of the Nike Dunks, including the new Wave with leather uppers. Barebarics will also give you more of the chunky sole look. They’re thicker and a bit stiffer than many barefoot shoes, but the moderate cushion (4mm sole + insole) can make them a solid transition shoe for beginners.

Barebarics Zing

Leather Uppers | Prices start at $169 | Code KELLY5 for 5% off

Barebarics Zing white leather barefoot sneakers

The Barebarics Zing also has styling similar to the Dunks and comes in leather or faux leather. The Zing also has a high top version. Here they are in all white leather, but you can get them in a few contrasting colors too, include black and white like the classic Panda Dunks.

Feelgrounds Courtside

Faux Leather Uppers | Prices start at $129

Feelgrounds Courtside hightop barefoot sneakers like Panda Dunks

These offer the Dunks style with a full barefoot feel, including a thin, flexible sole. The Courtside come in low tops or high tops with a few contrasting colors, like black, red and beige. All Feelgrounds are vegan, including these made with faux leather.

Read a full review of Feelgrounds shoes here.

Shapen RE:WIND Sneakers

Leather Uppers | Prices is €149 | Code BFSHOEGUIDE5 for 5% off

Shapen Re:Wind barefoot sneakers like Nike Dunks

Shapen is most known for their chic dress shoes for women, but they pulled off these retro sneakers pretty well too. The Shapen RE:WIND feature contrasting leather and suede uppers in black and white, beige and white, as well as pink and white.

Read a full review of Shapen shoes here.

Koel Danish

Leather Uppers | Prices starting at €100 | Code KELLY5 for 5% off at Mugavik Barefoot retailer

Koel Danish barefoot sneakers like Nike Dunks

For a fun high top version with a more of their own spin, check out the Koel Danish. Leather uppers with a few different color combos.

Prices start around €100 and are available in both kids and adult sizes.

These are currently sold out on the Koel website, but are available from a few barefoot shoe online retailers. The Mugavik Barefoot website has a large selection of Koel Danish sneakers (plus many more barefoot shoes brands) and ships worldwide. You can use code KELLY5 for 5% off at Mugavik Barefoot.

WHITIN Canvas Sneakers

Canvas Uppers | Prices starting at $46 on Amazon

WHITIN barefoot sneakers like Nike Dunks

For the most affordable option, opt for WHITIN canvas sneakers on Amazon. These are all white, but you can DIY your own contrasting colors with fabric paint.

Read a full review of WHITIN shoes here.

And just for fun, here’s the $1,100 Prada version of the Nike Dunks. Obviously not barefoot, and it makes the barefoot versions look like a great deal. 🙂

Prada sneakers like Nike Dunks

Any questions about these barefoot shoes like Nike Dunks? Drop them below!

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