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2024 End of Winter Sales for Barefoot Shoes

January 17, 2024
End of Winter Barefoot Shoe Sales for 2024

Check out this list of the barefoot shoes end of winter sales for 2024.

End of season sales are often one of the best times to purchase barefoot shoes, especially styles like boots that tend to be fairly pricey. Mid to late January is the popular time for barefoot shoe brands to run their end of winter sales as they clear out winter stock and get ready for spring and summer.

If you’ve been planning ahead for next winter (and your feet aren’t growing), then check out these end of season sales for barefoot shoes for a good deal.  Some brands will have sneakers or tennis shoes on sale too, so they’re worth checking out even if you don’t need new boots.

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Winter End of Season Sales for Barefoot Shoes


End of season sale mid to late January with styles are up to 35% off. On sale shoes include Gobi Chelsea Boots and Tracker FG boots. Non-winter shoes are also included in the sale, like the popular Geo Court Sneakers, Addis slip ons, and Primus Lite knit. For full-priced shoes, use code KELLY10 for 10% off.

Be Lenka and Barebarics

End of Winter Sale with up to 40% off. Many boots are 20% to 40% off. Sale also includes kids shoes and tennis shoes. Use code KELLY5 for 5% off full price styles.


Wildling’s End of Winter sale starts Jan 17 and runs through the end of the month. Most winter styles are up to 30% off. The Tejo (pictured below) was one of our favorites from this winter.

Wildling Tejo fall and winter barefoot shoes

Shapen Barefoot

Most Shapen winter boots are currently 5 to 15% off. (If last year is any indicator, this may increase to up to 30% as we get closer to the end of winter). Shapen added a lot of beautiful styles to its winter boot line up this year. You can see my Shapen blog review here. Use code BFSHOEGUIDE5 for 5% off full price models.

Shapen Barefoot Brand Review: Stylish barefoot boots from Shapen

Ahinsa Shoes

Sale is live January 15 – 31, with up to 30% off barefoot winter styles.

Ahinsa makes barefoot shoes for extra wide feet

Freet Mudee

The UK brand Freet has their popular hiking bootee on sale for 40% off. This makes them under $90. They do note while supplies last, so they may be discontinuing this style or version.


End of season sale runs January 5 – 31, with winter shoes 15%-30% off. Includes kids shoes and popular models like the chelsea boots. Use code KELLYMUKI for 10% off full price shoes not included in the sale.

Mukishoes, sustainable barefoot shoes for kids and adults


Big end of season sale with many shoes up to 50% off. Sale includes winter boots, sneakers, sandals and ballet flats. Groundies has a barefoot and barefoot+ line (with an extra wide fit).

Groundies Barefoot Shoes vs Barefoot Plus shoes

Splay Shoes

These Splay canvas casual shoes aren’t really winter shoes, but they are a sale! Splay has a clearance sale on select colors. You can always use code KELLY10 for 10% off non-sale colors.

Splay Explore barefoot shoes for kids


Feelgrounds changed their sole material in Fall 2023 from a very soft and flexible material rubber-like material called TPE to a true rubber to improve durability. The shoes with the TPE soles are on sale for 20% off until they are sold out. I’ve worn Feelgrounds for a few years and really loved just how flexible these TPEsoles were, but did notice that they started to crack after time. If you aren’t particularly tough on your shoes, then I would expect the older soles to last you a few years. If you are hard on your shoes and see a lot of wear on your soles (probably due to your gait), then you’re probably better off with the new more durable rubber soles.

Feelgrounds Barefoot Shoes

Shamma Sandals

Shamma Sandals Yard Sale with up to 50% off factory seconds or lightly used sandals. Code BAREFOOTSHOEGUIDE for 10% off all other sandals.

Shamma Sandals Cruzers, affordable barefoot sandals

For a complete list of evergreen discount codes for barefoot shoes brands, see this post here.

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